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Project Coordinator



Work Package 0 - Project Management (TRL - WP Leader)

Objectives of WP: The overall aim of this work package is the management and coordination of the entire project. It will ensure that all activities are delivered on time, within scope and budget and to the necessary standard of quality. The main tasks are overall project management, financial management, group/consortium meetings and formal reporting.

The main objectives of this work package include:

• To co-ordinate technical input within the consortium

• To manage the delivery of outputs according to the project timetable

• To manage the project finances

• To manage the project risk

• To provide quality assurance

• To report to the Programme Executive Board (PEB) on project progress






Work Package 1 - Stakeholder Management (TU Delft - WP Leader)

Objectives of WPThe overall objective of WP1 is to arrange and manage the stakeholder management activities across the project (for the sample between automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), European NRAs, CEDR project stakeholders, telecom providers, service providers, etc.)

The main objectives of this work package are:

• To manage the stakeholder consultation activities & documents according to the project timetable

• To support FEHRL organise and manage the project workshops and required workshop material

• To collect and organise documentations from workshops and stakeholder engagement

• To analyse findings after feedback or collect survey results

• To provide immediate communication for any issue and risk

• To provide final report and deliverable related to stakeholder engagement 




Work Package 2 - Stakeholder Management (VTT - WP Leader)

Objectives of WP:  The objectives of WP2 are to document the as-is situation and future trends in CAV and CAD, and identify the types of support and services that NRAs are already providing. It will also gauge the appetite of NRAs to invest in infrastructure and services to support CAD, including digital twins and connectivity, as part of their digital road operator goals. It will obtain the views of OEMs and service providers as to what support would be useful and identify what their priority areas are. Overall, WP2 must provide a comprehensive understanding of digital infrastructure and communications to build up a coherent CAV-Ready Framework for WP3




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Work Package 3 - Framework Development (ARUP - WP Leader)

Objectives of WPThe overall objective of WP3 is to develop the CAV-ready framework and its level of service approach. This task will include the following objectives:

• Outline the impact factors and knowledge areas required for developing the framework

• Analyse impact factors using multiple criteria approach

• Describe the appropriate scope or level of your framework

• Develop framework architecture and capacity areas

• Identify all components required, checklists, indicators, and guidance

• Develop the level of service approach, aligning with a framework

• Provide direction for the following tasks and work package.





Work Package 4 -Case Study and Roadmap (VTI - WP Leader)

Objectives of WP: The overall objective of WP4 is to develop the case studies to demonstrate the CAV-ready framework and the roadmap to digital road operation. It will:

• Describe the application (case study) of the CAV-ready framework

• Analyse the case study using relevant framework concepts from the CAV-ready framework

• Assess any issue and problems apparent in the CAV-ready framework and identify refinements



Work Package 5 - Dissemination (FEHRL - WP Leader)

Objectives of WPThe objective of this work package is to ensure that the results of the work are disseminated to those stakeholders who will benefit from the outcomes of the research at the appropriate time and via appropriate tools/methods. It will also ensure that those that can contribute to the development, evaluation and uptake of the results can be identified and encouraged to participate.